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Hello and welcome to my brand new design site, Wonderland9.  Many of you will know me from OctoberSky.net otherwise known as October Sky Designs, the url is now re-directing to here.  So why the change?  Well when I pick domains I like to stick with them…well at least that used to be what I was like, but over the last few years, for both my design sites and collectives I have picked names which were like ‘oohhh so pretty’ and they ended up being a fad and that affects my mood with designing.

So this time I decided to really think about it this time and that is how I ended up with WonderlandAlice’s Adventures In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass are among my favourite books in classical literature.  I think it attracts me from a psychological stand-point, for those who don’t know, neat fact.  The books hint ALOT on schizophrenia and drug use!  Take a think about it, and you’ll get what I am saying.  I actually own a very rare edition of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass.  It was my mums and she passed it down to me, its my most loved and treasured possession, and that’s why I chose the name, since it has so much meaning to me, it would be a name that would stick.

Unfortunately, Wonderland.com was taken and I hated the way WonderlandDesign looked because of the double ‘d’s’ in the domain, so I had to use a number.  I’ve always loved the way the number ‘9’ just flows from the tongue, but since it was so similar to my friend Nicole and her design site I tried to use something else, but it just didn’t work, so out of respect for her I made sure she was ok with my name choice as ‘land’ and ‘9’ would be common name elements to each other.  Being the wonderful person she is she gave me her blessing.

I have completely started afresh, I have added some of my best work to the portfolio but I am re-starting my client list and no longer listing my old sites as past layouts.  This is a brand new start for me, I hope my old clients are pleased and hope to be able to get the chance to share my passion in design and create wonderful unique websites for new ones.

Please visit my portfolio and if you like what you see please order (make sure you read the rules above the order form!)